3S Saldature Speciali Segrate s.r.l. designs and produces spiral finned tubes heat exchangers and finned pack coil heat exchangers with geometries P60-16, P40-16,P30-16 y P30-12.

We are able to perform any kind of special welding on our heat exchangers especially in correspondence of the corners, the finned tubes and pipes collectors. This is in order to ensure the high quality standards requested by our customers.

Our production:

  • Spiral finned tubes heat exchangers.
  • Finned pack coils.
  • Smooth tubes heat exchangers.
  • Air heat exchangers and air/air and air/flue gas heat recovery.
  • Tubular heat exchangers.
  • Prototypes for special applications manufactured as per our Customers precise specification.
  • Special anti-shock execution heat exchangers for Naval and Military Naval applications.
  • Special heat exchangers made with material and welding of titanium steel alloy.

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